Meet the woman behind the lens

Hi, I'm Zara, the woman behind the camera lens!

I'm a bride to be currently planning our own wedding at Three Daggers Brewery, Edington and Horse and Groom, Westbury in October 2022.

I'm also a mother to our beautiful 4 year old daughter.

I am a reportage wedding photographer.  I have pursued photography for over 10 years and continue to bore my fiance and daughter to death, asking them to stop so I can take a picture and just generally being obsessive about it.

I do it because I love it! 

I love the process and I love the end result, I love meeting new people. I love showing someone a photo of themselves and seeing their reaction. I love looking at other photographers’ work and I love experimenting with what the medium can offer. I LOVE photography!

I strive for my personal style, to be modern but above all look natural. I love photographing weddings and thrive on the emotion and enjoyment of the day. 

The fact that the work is for me is equally important in the equation as I am constantly striving to be better. I don’t want to follow the usual criteria and formula when approaching a wedding. I want to be the best and the by-product of that is creating work that you will love. I am constantly investing in myself and my business so that I can continue to grow. I’m also a natural worrier and I worry about what people think and this applies heavily to my work, because if you don’t like your photographs, then I have failed at my job and at my passion. So, at every single wedding the bar is set to its highest notch; it’s a wonder I have any hair left!